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A wonderful Purchase

By: rbfoster6 | November 10, 2016

We have a full basement that we have divided up into several rooms. One for sewing and laundry, one for my large work shop, and one, soon, for our hot tub. We also keep bicycles and other items in the basement too. While the furnace is the size of a mini auto; our basement was always cold. Our property is sloped; on the west side at basement level and on the east side is our garage door No man door. As a matter of fact no rear door to our yard [on east side] at all. The garage was always cold; so cold the 1/4" polyethylene water line to our 1st floor refrig ice maker freezes up in Winter. With our new door from WalkThru we can access the back yard without having to open the whole garage door as we did in the past. In fact, we haven't opened the garage door in the past 5 weeks but we use the walkthru door every day. With an R-16 rated garage door the basement is warm and comfortable now. The hardware provided is good quality. The two windows are energy rated...


Be aware of con game

By: joycepackard77 | November 8, 2016

Definite con game going on with this company from their advertising to their work. Said they had been in business for over 25 years and based in Greenwood and then I found out he was working out of his own garage. Not even sure if the name of the company is Crosby, Lollis or Innovative as he changes it all the time.

Poor business practice

By: Lolitam | September 17, 2016

We ordered a door and after 3 weeks called to check on time line. She said oh can't find order n call you back! When she did it was to say, you can't have that door, it's not available. My question was and when were you going to tell us this!!! Then hours later said we can but different manufacturer, did we want to order it. We got our refund and went to Dodds garage.

Wrong color

By: karaokedawn | September 14, 2016

We built a 22 x 24 garage and it took forever for them to start. We have a very unfriendly dog and told them from the start they would have to call a few days ahead to give us heads up when they were coming out. We took days off to be there so we could keep dog in house, they would not show when they said. When i contacted my rep. He said thet would not be coming out due to contractors are running behind. My husband and i missed 2 days of work each because of them not coming when they said. We even boarded the dog for a week as we could not afford to miss more time off work. We have a house with green siding and we were told siding would be more expensive so we went with stucco which was included with the package. We were told we can get colored stucco so we took seatches that the rep showed us and chose the closest green to the siding as possible. When we got home from work one day they had come to do the stucco and it is now BROWN. When i contacted them the rep said that was the color we chose. He said we were deciding between brown and green and chose brown. Why would we choose broen when the house is green? Not very happy with Garage Masters. Rep said we were a problem from the start because they had to call ahead.

Garage Masters

Winnipeg, MB

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Timely, honest, and reasonable pricing.

By: gj96 | July 1, 2016

Marty, the owner/operator of the firm, is as good as it gets. Timely, honest, and reasonable pricing. Now here is my story.......Sunday morning getting back from getting bagels and my garage door only partly opens. After my involvement, the sprocket to the motor flies off and I must get a new motor. The motor has not been repaired/replaced since I moved into my home in 2003, and the motor is a 2000 year model so I know a replacement was in the near future. But on a Sunday! I was worried I would have to leave my garage unsecured all night and even worse, take a day off of work to coordinate a repair. I used yelp for the first time to research something other than food, and came upon Marty with Absolute Garage Doors. One phone call (he answered on a Sunday within a few rings), I explained I needed a new motor, and he quoted me a price. He gave me a timeframe that he would arrive at my house, and actually arrived timely within minutes of the stated start timeframe.....fantastic! Marty...


Fantastic Floor

By: Gottaloveit | March 13, 2016

I had my garage floor done by Garage Living 1 year ago. It took less than a day to do the floor from start to finish. I was a bit worried about how it would stand up to Canadian winters. Not to worry this floor looks as good as the day they did it.
I back my car in turn the wheels, carry salt sand and slush in and a quick mop , back to day one.
Really want to thank the great guys at Garage Living for a super job well done.

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